Liz Thorpe – The People's Cheese
Liz Thorpe
The People's Cheese

Liz Thorpe knows cheese. In 2002, she was drawn out of corporate America to pursue her passion for cheese and has since become the country’s leading expert on the subject. She began her cheese career working behind the counter at Murray’s Cheese and later managed the famous shop’s business as vice president. She has since become an author and regular speaker on a variety of subjects all about the topic of cheese. She has designed cheese menus for the country’s best restaurants, authored several books and now, as founder of The People’s Cheese, she teaches a broader market why cheese matters and how to make it a part of everyday life. Liz Thorpe is also the developer of a new concept of categorizing cheeses (known as the “Gateway model”) which was detailed in her 2017 book, The Book of Cheese.

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