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Live-streamed talks and Q&A with professors. New talks – five days a week.

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Unlimited access to hundreds of entertaining and informative lectures on science, history, art and politics and more.

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Our professors come from top universities, have won countless teaching awards and are beloved by their students.

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Opportunities to participate in interactive small group online discussions with professors.

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One Day University believes learning should always be informative, inspiring and fun.

For the last 12 years, we have worked with the country’s most popular professors to develop entertaining versions of their best lectures. Our professors have won countless teaching awards and earned the highest possible ratings from their students. Now, you can access our entire video library and join our professors for new talks every day. At One Day U there are no grades, no tests, no homework — just the pure joy of lifelong learning.

Years Educating and Entertaining
Fascinating Lectures in the Video Library – and Growing Daily
Of the Country’s Most Popular and Effective Professors.


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What exactly is One Day University?

One Day University is a community of learners who think that every day you learn something new is a good day. At One Day University, we find the most interesting and entertaining professors from the country’s most prestigious universities and ask them to share their most fascinating talk with our members.  So whether you’re interested in Lincoln’s leadership, the science of aging or how to watch movies like a film professor — we have the perfect video for you.

How does One Day University decide which professors to work with?

One Day University spent the last twelve years finding the most popular professors at the country’s most prestigious universities, including Harvard, Yale Berkeley, Columbia and Stanford.  All of the professors we work with are award winning professors who are recognized by their students and peers for their ability to inspire and engage students.  As a result, our lectures are as entertaining as they are informative.

How many videos do I get access to with my subscription?

With a One Day University Subscription, you get access to our entire video library (almost 500 talks), as well as access to our daily live streamed talks. We stream a video every weekday at 4 pm ET, and that video is added to our video library so that you can view it anytime. 

Do you offer group discounts for business or organizations?

Yes. We work with senior living communities, corporations,  churches, temples, museums and community organizations.  We offer both group discounts as well as other custom memberships and programs.  If you think your group might enjoy One Day University, please contact us here.

Are you holding any in-person lectures or events?

We are very excited to announce the return of live events in the early fall of 2021. To see if we are coming to your city, click here.

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One Day University offers online lectures from America’s most popular professors. We stream new educational and entertaining online lectures 5 days a week – so our video library of talks and courses is constantly growing. These short online courses are one-hour presentations that cover everything from art to zoology. Whether you are interested in learning more about history, politics, the arts or business, or simply looking to expand your horizons and learn something new, you are sure to find a captivating lecture in our online video lectures library. Our most popular online lectures include; Hamilton vs Jefferson, The Science of Happiness, as well as The Genius and Rivalry of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Access to all online lectures, invitations to special events with professors and discounts to live events come standard with OneDayU membership. Enjoy new short online courses every single day.

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