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Israel Today (and What May Happen Next)

Charles Freilich / Columbia University

The formation of a new government in Israel on in May 2020 ended a lengthy and tumultuous political impasse in which three legislative elections failed to deliver a clear majority to one party or coalition. But Israel will continue to be consumed by a political crisis in which the norms and institutions of its democratic and judicial systems face a series of unprecedented challenges that cast a shadow all other domestic and foreign-policy issues. Several issues vie for the new government’s attention. Israel faces an unprecedented economic crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, several critical national-security issues may come to a head, among them a showdown between Iran and the United States over the former’s nuclear programme; Iran’s military presence in Syria; Hizbullah’s growing and increasingly precise rocket arsenal; simmering tensions with Hamas; and Israel’s potential annexation of parts of the West Bank.

Charles Freilich – Columbia University

Chuck Freilich was a deputy national security adviser in Israel and a long-time senior fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He now teaches political science at NYU, Columbia and Tel Aviv universities. He has appeared as a commentator for ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, El-Jazeera and various US, Israeli and foreign radio and TV stations.

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