Special Report

Pandemic Lessons:

Viruses, Vaccines, and the Science of Where We’re Headed

Kenneth Miller / Brown University

Viruses have brought sickness and death to human populations since the beginning of recorded history. But only fairly recently have we been in position to understand their origins, spread, and evolution as we are today. The Covid-19 virus cleverly exploits the inner workings of the cell, and even takes advantage of human behavior to ensure its spread. In this One Day University Special Report, renowned Brown University Biology Professor Kenneth Miller takes us all on a 15 minute tour inside the viral genome to reveal the remarkable machinery of viral infection, and how modern molecular biology has rallied to fight the pandemic.

Kenneth Miller

Brown University

Kenneth Miller is a professor of biology at Brown University. He has received 6 major teaching awards at Brown, the Presidential Citation of the American Institute for Biological Science, and the Public Service Award of the American Society for Cell Biology. In 2009 he was honored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science for Advancing the Public Understanding of Science, and also received the Gregor Mendel Medal from Villanova University. In 2011 he was presented with the Stephen Jay Gould Prize by the Society for the Study of Evolution.

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