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The Joy of Coffee: From Tiny Seeds to Your Morning Cup

Shawn Steiman – Coffea Consulting

Coffee can be an unremarkable caffeine delivery system… or a rewarding sensory experience.  Join coffee scientist and consultant, Shawn Steiman, as he takes us through a coffee seed’s journey from the tree which grew it to the cup you’re drinking from.  He’ll focus on myriad topics along that journey, such as growing, roasting, and tasting, to help guide drinkers in their understanding of coffee and their discovery of what they will likely enjoy.

Shawn Steiman, Ph.D, is a coffee scientist, consultant, entrepreneur and lecturer at the University of Hawaii. He is the owner of Coffea Consulting, a coffee-centric consulting firm, and Grok Coffee, a coffee delivery, event, and tour company. Dr. Steiman is the author of The Hawai‘i Coffee Book and The Little Coffee Know-It-All, and is a co-editor and author of Coffee – A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry.

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