Must See Florence:

A Virtual Tour of Top Ten Highlights 

Kristin Stasiowski

Florence is known throughout the world as an amazing cultural and artistic showcase. This presentation will immerse you in the very best of that amazing city, including its famous cathedral, the Duomo,  the world-renowned Baptistery doors, dubbed the ‘Gate of Paradise’, the famed Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the original site for Michelangelo’s David (where an exact replica stands), and much more. By the end you won’t just have “seen” Florence’s most famous sights; you’ll have discovered their histories, stories, and what makes them so notable.

Kristin Stasiowski is a Dean of International Programs at Kent State University, where she is also a Professor of Italian Language and Literature. She has taught language, literature, cinema, history and culture in both the United States and Florence.

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