About One Day University

Live talks starring the country’s best professors.
No homework, no exams, no studying – just the enjoyment of lifelong learning!

What Is One Day University?

Every university has a few professors who are wildly popular. At One Day U, we work closely with these professors to develop the most engaging talks that inform and inspire our adult “students-for-a-day.” The professors who teach at One Day U have won countless teaching awards and have earned the highest possible ratings from their students on campus. Now, we’re bringing them to you, our students of all ages interested in advancing their education.

The men and women who come together at One Day U understand that learning is a rewarding lifelong process. Our students feel like time spent learning with fascinating professors, and being surrounded (whether in person or virtually) by a community of like-minded people is time well-spent. With live events across the US (which will return once the pandemic has ended) and hundreds of videos in our video library, most One Day U students have learned about a myriad of subjects from our fascinating professors. And best of all, at One Day U there are no grades, no tests, no homework – just the pure joy of lifelong learning!

See how our fascinating and educational courses are making news below!

Accredited members of the press who would like complimentary access to any of One Day University’s live or streaming events, should please contact [email protected]

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