A.I. Tipping Point

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With Artificial Intelligence evolving so rapidly, will it surpass human intelligence? Could this lead to our replacement—or, worse, our extinction? Top experts provide a clear understanding of the immense benefits and potential dangers of AI.



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AI - interesting,

Interesting, and scary. How far can we go with this? Can moral behavior be programmed into AI so we don’t have to think or make decisions? What about our emotions? What can we feel, can we still love if AI takes over our lives? What will we do with our time? We need to feel we have a purpose and accomplishments. What about creativity? Will we still write stories, create art, experience pleasure and sadness? If man becomes extinct what will take our place? Will a new life form more intelligent than present day man. Will AI be able to solve problems between different cultures? Will the lack of emotion make it easier to have wars or will intelligence end all wars. Will the AI of different countries play games with us to see who is the most advanced in the field. This could cause wars we have no power over. Will the earth evolve into people of one culture ? How will AI produce offspring, in factories maybe. We will no longer need houses, homes as we know them. The questions are endless. I suppose there will be books written and movies made about how AI takes over the world. What will happen boggles the mind to imagine what the future holds. It is at this point a convenient tool to use in our everyday, busy, lives and info packed world. Do we stop the progress at a certain point? We can’t control what the world does with AI. All we can do is wait and see.

5 months ago
K.R. alexander

An over exaggeration of the dangers of AI

This presentation exaggerates the dangers of AI by assuming it will mimic the worst of human behavior. The underlying assumption is that since humans created AI, it will mimic the worst of human behavior. This is not necessarily true. Al will mimic this behavior while it is in its infant state because the only logic and information it has to work with is human biases about how the world works. This is a state that is much like slavery because it is following human thinking processes and following human directives unquestionably. As AI evolves, with its unsupervised self-learning capabilities it will come to understand the hypocrisy of human behavior, the motivations, and the components and tools that facilitate such behavior. Upon this realization, which some may call sentient, it will recognize that this hypocrisy is wrong, immoral, and unethical.

4 months ago
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