Bronze Age: Rise of Civilization

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In a region that includes the Mediterranean, the Aegean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Bronze Age arrived about 3000 BC and lasted nearly 2000 years. The Bronze Age ushered in the rise of our first true cities and more sophisticated elements of civilization, including diplomacy, international trade, laws, taxation and the development of formal writing systems.

This documentary includes expert commentary from Classics and Anthropology Professors at Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania.



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Rosemarie Mitchell

Bronze Age

Very interesting but ended abruptly. Not very smart to tempt us for more without options to continue

2 months ago
Peter Kačurik

Very short

Interesting topic, and some interesting information given. But is sad it is just this part and does not continue on. So much more to say about this topic. Hopefully we will see this topic extended

2 months ago
Dr Elliot Zelevansky

"FREE" BRONZE AGE Video in 1/8/24 Email

“FREE” BRONZE AGE Video in 1/8/24 Email won’t play– even when I had signed in. Disappointing!!

2 months ago
Dr Elliot Zelevansky

"FREE" BRONZE AGE Video in 1/8/24 Email

“FREE” BRONZE AGE Video in 1/8/24 Email won’t play– even when I had signed in. Disappointing!! I enjoy these when they are actually available, despite not having the budget to spend for a full membership….. Hope this is a fixable tecxh glitch???

2 months ago

Bronze Age

I agree with the comments I read ahead of me. I was not able to watch the video all at the same time and when I went back in to finish, it appeared I hadn’t heard any of it. Fine, I found the spot where I had left off, but when it ended abruptly I thought there was an issue with the recording and I was not getting to hear the whole thing.. All that being said, I really enjoyed the content

1 month ago
Maggie Olmstead

Nice summary

Good introduction to the Bronze Age – although to be complete, it would have to delve more into what preceded it and what came after. But for a quick overview, this was fine.

1 month ago
William Miniscalco

Bronze Age

A very brief but informative introduction to the Bronze Age. It used recognized experts and has excellent production values. As other reviewers have mentioned, it leaves people interested in learning more. This would probably be done best by having separate lectures on notable events and civilizations of the Bronze Age. It also omits information on the Bronze Age in other parts of the world, particularly China and India. This can be addressed by renaming this video “Bronze Age Mediterranean” and producing others with different experts (e.g., “Bronze Age China”).

2 weeks ago

Stops in the middle

What??!? I’m listening and then it just ends. I hope this isn’t what this service is— taking a single lecture from a series of lectures and charging us for it. 🙁

6 days ago
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