China, the U.S., and the Future of Global Capitalism

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Harvard Business School

Meg Rithmire is a Professor at Harvard Business School. Her first book, “Land Bargains and Chinese Capitalism”, examines the role of land politics, urban governments, and local property rights regimes in the Chinese economic reforms. A new project investigates the influence of diasporas, and the overseas Chinese communities in particular, in the progress of economic and political reforms in the homeland. She is a faculty associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies at Harvard. In 2015, she won the Faculty Teaching Award in the Required Curriculum as well as the Charles M. Williams Award for Teaching Excellence.


Clearly, the fate of the global economy depends on developments in these two countries and on the relationship between them. Recent discussion about "strategic partnership and strategic competition" obscures the longer relationship between these two economies.

Professor Rithmire's lecture explains the past, present, and future of economic interdependence of China and the U.S., making sense of its role in the global financial crisis of 2008 and the adjustments taking place in its wake. Along with exploring this substantive issue, the lecture also covers basic macroeconomic tools anyone can use to understand global trade and capital flows.



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Mary Collins


although now dated, it is fast paced and informative.

9 months ago
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