Coffee Chemistry: The Science Behind Brewing Really Tasty Coffee

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University of Oregon

Professor Christopher H. Hendon teaches chemistry at the University of Oregon, where his research focuses on the chemistry of porous materials, machine learning, and coffee. He has published over 70 research articles, is the author of the book Water for Coffee, and has directly contributed to three World Barista Championships (he enjoys washed Ethiopian coffees).


Specialty coffee has been a booming business for decades now – with no signs of slowing down. But when it comes to determining the quality of a cup of coffee, there are numerous physical and chemical processes at play: from agricultural practices, to roasting and brewing paradigms.

Chemistry of Coffee Brewing

Professor Christopher Hendon, aka “Dr. Coffee”, collaborates internationally with coffee professionals and academics to tackle fundamental problems in coffee. During this course, he will give an overview of the coffee industry, beginning with a brief historical account of the geo-agricultural aspects of coffee production, and the emergence of what we think of as “coffee” today. He also will examine how the drink menu evolved over time, with a focus on espresso-based beverages and their emergence from Italy in the 1950s.

You will learn about the newest trends in coffee research — to determine quality and reproducibility – as well as the science behind brewing coffee.

How to Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee According to Science

· the chemistry of water and how it impacts coffee flavor
· the physics of grinding and cryogenics
· the mathematics of espresso – to achieve extremely tasty shots

More About the Chemistry of Coffee Brewing

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