Covid-19 and Older Adults

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Nir Barzila, MD / Albert Einstein College of Medicine
George Kuchel, MD / University of Connecticut
Janet Lord / University of Birmingham UK 


The disease Covid 19, caused by the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV 2, has brought the modern world to a screeching halt. According to Market Watch, American jobless claims touched a 50 year low in April 2019. Exactly one year later, the United States would have 26 million people claiming unemployment benefits and the numbers may very well get worse. Such economic devastation is unprecedented, but the number of deaths from the disease is also terrifying.

As many of us know, the likelihood that one will succumb to this plague increases as one’s age does. How can we stop this? If one is an older American, what precautions can be taken to protect oneself? What technology is being harnessed to help us fight Covid 19? How will this pandemic end? Join One Day University in this special presentation brought to us by the American Federation for Aging Research*, sponsored by Next Avenue, featuring a panel of some of the nation’s (and world’s) top professors working on the cutting edge of this fascinating, critical and time-sensitive research.


*AFAR is a national non-profit organization that supports and advances pioneering biomedical research that is revolutionizing how we live healthier and longer.



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