Do My Eyes Deceive Me? The Science of How Humans See the World

University of Arizona

Andrew Shatté teaches psychology at the University of Arizona, and is also the founder and President of Mindflex, a training company that specializes in measuring and training for resilience. Professor Shatté first joined One Day University when he was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was given the “Best Professor” award by the students in 2003 and received the Dean’s award for distinguished teaching in 2006. He co-wrote The Resilience Factor, and Mequilibrium.


It is estimated that humans get 80% of their information about the world through their eyes and so the science of vision has fascinated us for centuries. Human vision performs a remarkable feat; it glimpses a 3-D world, represents it as 2-D on the eye, and then uses the brain to reconstruct it as a 3-D perception.


Do My Eyes Deceive Me? By Dr. Shatté 

In this highly energetic and interactive session, Dr. Shatté takes you on a whirlwind tour of the journey from eye to brain, using the classic visual illusions to illustrate what we know about how we make sense of our world. What do case studies tell us about our eyes and our brains (like the man who saw the world upside down, the people who can’t recognize faces, or those who can’t see movement or depth)? Join us as we unpack how humans see the world.


Do My Eyes Deceive Me? Learn More

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Barbara Backes

Very Interesting

I love the visual images. Many I had already seen and “knew” what I was supposed to see, but the eyes still see what they see. So very informative,

1 year ago
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