Europe, Russia, and Mexico: An Analysis of U.S. Policy

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Duration 01:08:33

University of Pennsylvania, Carey Law School

William Burke-White is a renowned professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Carey Law School. An international lawyer and political scientist, he is a leading expert on U.S. foreign policy, multilateral institutions, and international law, with significant regional expertise on Russia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. From 2009 – 2011, he served in the Obama administration on Secretary of State Clinton’s Policy Planning Staff. Professor Burke-White has received the Levin Award and the Gorman Award for Excellence in Teaching and was a Fulbright Scholar at Cambridge University.



The world is complicated, and America’s foreign policy towards other countries is rarely simple. How can we make sense of US foreign policy as related to three of the most important and interesting countries that America interacts with?

University of Pennsylvania Professor William Burke-White will take us behind-the-scenes of US foreign policy making, leading us on a tour of the world to understand the “how” and the “why” of our relationships with Europe, Russia, and Mexico. He’ll investigate what is at stake in US foreign policy making for America and dig into the histories, interests, cultures, and economies of these countries. We’ll learn about changing administrations and objectives in Washington, and we will get an inside look at how the US seeks to reconcile its security, economic interests, and core values in developing and advancing distinct foreign policy approaches.



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Kolleen Martin

good assessment

Good overall analysis of the US’s relationships with the other major countries in the world.

3 years ago
Mark Brazitis

Great Talk

Very informed and educated talk. The professor was outstanding. His content and delivery helped to dissect a very complex topic. Thank you!

3 years ago
Maggie Olmstead


Not exactly ground breaking. I was expecting more. It would have been better to split this into three talks so each one could go into more depth.

3 years ago
kevin fox

Excellent presentation on current status and timeless principles

Ignore the 3* review who said this should have been 3 separate talks – its in the title to cover all 3 areas AND had it been restricted to a single territory the truthfulness of the timeless principles would have been hard to see.

The lecture was apparently December 2021, and seems a bit prophetic wrt the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine or at least c/w current status of it, And the war makes this lecture more relevant.

1 year ago
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