Five Beautiful Buildings That Changed Architecture

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Francis Morrone is an architectural historian and the author of thirteen books, including The New York Public Library: The Architecture and Decoration of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (with Henry Hope Reed). The former art and architecture critic for the New York Sun, Morrone was named one of the thirteen best tour guides in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine. He is the recipient of the Arthur Ross Award of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, the Landmarks Lion Award of the Historic Districts Council, and New York University’s Excellence in Teaching Award.



Can a building be a work of art? Professor Francis Morrone says absolutely, yes! In this unique presentation, he’ll take an in-depth look at five of the greatest and most influential buildings in Western architecture, from the Greeks to the 20th century. These structures are worth getting to know individually, but they are also the buildings that inspired whole new ways of doing things–and that will teach you how to appreciate other buildings all around you. These are not simply Professor Morrone’s choice of the “greatest” buildings, but rather his personal choice of five buildings that will give you a foundation for further study, and that will enrich your experience of the built environment. Featured buildings (subject to change) will include: The Erechtheum in Athens, the Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio (Rome), the Villa Barbaro in Maser, Italy, and Notre-Dame de Paris (and at least one more).




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More soon again, please

Great presentation of a fascinating subject. Please have professor Marrone back soon.

2 years ago
Skipper Singer

Very enthusiastic presentation

I really enjoyed the presentation. Professor Morrone is very enthusiastic and brought the buildings to life. He did a fantastic job showing how these buildings influenced later architecture and his slides truly supported his explanation. I also liked that he picked buildings I was not so familiar with so it was a nice surprise.

2 years ago
Madonna Karr

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Great information on architectural history. Enthusiasm.

2 years ago
Richard Wilshe

Lots of info in one hour

I learned a lot about architecture from this lecture in a short amount of time…the professor really crammed a lot into the time slot. I enjoyed the many photos used and the examples given of how each building influenced so many others. The only criticism I have is that I found his image constantly on the screen distracting, as it was often as large as the photo next to it. I would suggest minimizing or removing your own image (nothing personal!) and maximizing the subject matter. We don’t need to see you except at the beginning and end of the lecture., we only need to hear you while you are presenting. Otherwise, very good lecture.

8 months ago

What an excellent presentation. Clear, informative, and interesting. Thank you for presenting this material.

8 months ago
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