Secrets of a Dog’s Nose: How Their Sense of Smell is 100,000 Times Better Than Humans

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There are many surprises about the dog’s nose. Many of us have heard that the dog has a much better sense of smell than human beings. In general, the dog’s nose is 100,000 times more sensitive than the human’s. The section of a dog’s brain related to processing smells is almost seven times larger than ours. In addition, the dog’s fantastic sense of smell can be explained by the fact that dogs don’t exhale when sniffing a faint scent. This enables the dog to sniff faint odors without disturbing or destroying them.

A dog’s sense of smell can do amazing things. Dogs can help humans sniff out all kinds of things that improve our lives, explosives, missing persons, illegal drugs. Now the latest research is revealing hat dogs can detect disease, even cancer.



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