Violence, Protest, and Social Change from the 60’s Through Today

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University of Iowa

Ashley Howard is a history professor at the University of Iowa. Her research interests include African Americans in the Midwest; the intersection between race, class, and gender; and the global history of racial violence. She is currently completing her manuscript which analyzes the 1960s urban rebellions in the Midwest, grounded in the way race, class, gender, and region played critical and overlapping roles in defining resistance to racialized oppression. Dr. Howard’s work has appeared in The Black Scholar, TIME magazine, No Jargon podcast, NPR, the Associated Press, BBC Mundo and numerous other popular and scholarly outlets.


Until recently, the idea of another long, hot summer seemed an impossibility. Join historian and African American Studies professor, Ashley Howard, as she discusses her scholarship on the urban rebellions. Beginning with an overview of the 1960s uprisings, Howard will discuss the influence of race, class, religion, gender and politics on violent protest. She will conclude by bringing this analysis to the present by considering the significant differences between the 1960s uprisings, the 2020 George Floyd protests, and the January 6, 2021 Capitol Siege.



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