Making Better Decisions

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Yale School of Management

Robert Frisch has lectured at the Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School, The University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Babson. Founding Partner of The Strategic Offsites Group, Bob is considered one of the world’s leading strategic facilitators, having designed and conducted offsites in nineteen countries. In addition to writing 23 Harvard Business Review articles, Bob has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune magazine, and the Financial Times.


Decisions are a constant part of life. Tradeoffs, choices, commitments – whatever we may call them, decisions often cause stress and anxiety for the person making them, and can introduce conflict into family, work and other critical relationships. Yet decision making is a teachable skill – it’s a required course in many of today’s MBA programs. For those who never got to take such a course, learning how to make decisions can represent a crucial step in improving your personal and professional life. Armed with a simple, structured approach to framing, evaluating and finalizing decisions, you – individually or as part of a group – will find yourself making sounder choices that produce better, more satisfying outcomes. Most importantly, making decisions will be transformed from a cause for concern to a controllable, manageable process.



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Marc Tanenbaum

A Helpful Guide to Decision Making

Mr. Frisch is an excellent speaker and offered thoughtful ways to making decisions in life. I appreciated his further recommendations for additional reading on decision making. A Good Presentation!

2 years ago
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