The Great Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries

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University of Illinois

Jennifer Tobin is Professor Emerita of History and Classics at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she is a two-time recipient of their Silver Circle Teaching Award. Professor Tobin has published widely on everything from Roman architecture in Syria to Alexander the Great, and has worked on archaeological projects in Israel, Turkey, Jordan, and Greece. She speaks Modern Greek, German, French, Italian and Turkish.


Mysteries of the Pyramids of Giza

No monuments from the ancient world enjoy greater fame than the three pyramids at Giza.  These tombs mark the culmination of a century of trial and error, as previous architects attempted to design the ideal structure to house the body of their pharaoh and secure his soul’s afterlife with the gods. At Giza, pyramid construction reached its apogee, witnessing the largest and most elaborate sepulchers ever erected.

History of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Archaeologists have long studied these magnificent structures, puzzling out a history that stretches back over four millennia. Drawing on centuries of research, this presentation explores who designed and built the pyramids, how such massive buildings were constructed, and what role they played within ancient Egyptian society and religion.


Recommended Reading for Mystery of the Pyramids:
  • The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries, by Mark Lehner
  • Giza and the Pyramids: The Definitive History, by Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass




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Floyd Krause

What happened? My audio an visual stopped at 4:45….

2 years ago
Jeffrey Watt

Very Interesting

We really enjoyed this lecture and the photos about the pyramids of Giza. Things were explained well and it was fascinating!

2 years ago
Karen Schultz-McGuire

Excellent introduction to Giza Pyramids

I really enjoyed this lecture, and learned many things I did not know, or was misinformed.
Would love to learn more about the actual construction.
Thanks very much.

2 years ago
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