The Middle East Today: Whose Land is it Anyway?

Yeshiva University

Lawrence Hajioff is a professor at Yeshiva University. He is the educational director of Birthright Israel Alumni in Manhattan, New York. His very popular credited courses include courses on Moshiach, Jewish holidays, Shabbat and many others. He also teaches on the Mechina Introductory Judaic studies program at Stern College. He recently received the “Professor of the Year” award in Judaic Studies from the senior year students at Stern. His very popular book “Jew Got Questions” was published by Feldheim in 2014.


From Abraham and the birth of monotheism to the Holocaust and creation of modern Israel, the Jewish people's progress through time violates all the laws of human history. For centuries, some of the greatest minds have come to appreciate the profound impact that this tiny nation and this small piece of land have had on humanity, and have tried to unlock the great mystery that the Jewish story presents.

How did this people survive against all odds? This class explores the 3,800 years of Jewish existence and the centrality of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people.



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Madonna Karr

Interesting to hear this viewpoint..especially at this time. Amazing history for the Jewish people. Instructor talked too fast for me with my hearing aides on. Looking at the audience I think age wise probably may have had the same problem.

4 months ago
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