What Makes a Great Jewish Leader? From Moses to Modern Israel

Yeshiva University

Lawrence Hajioff is a professor at Yeshiva University. He is the educational director of Birthright Israel Alumni in Manhattan, New York. His very popular credited courses include courses on Moshiach, Jewish holidays, Shabbat and many others. He also teaches on the Mechina Introductory Judaic studies program at Stern College. He recently received the “Professor of the Year” award in Judaic Studies from the senior year students at Stern. His very popular book “Jew Got Questions” was published by Feldheim in 2014.


What makes a great Jewish leader? Jewish history is full of men and women who have made an incredible impact on the world. From Abraham and Sarah, to Moses and Esther, from Menachem Begin to Golda Meir and right up to the present day.

Join Professor Hajioff as he explores some of the common characteristics we see displayed among the greatest Jewish leaders of world history. He will be investigating seven principles that have become synonymous with Jewish leaders. By looking at the leadership styles of biblical characters, Jewish kings, political leaders and others, Rabbi Hajioff will demonstrate a pattern of leadership that has influenced the world and history in a positive way.



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