Winston Churchill: His Life and Times

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Dir, London Society

Don Brown is a London Blue Badge Guide, the Director of the London Society, and a graduate of Oxford University. He is an astute student of history from the Romans to the present day, as well as politics, WWII, and classic rock music. As Director of the London Society, he has a strong interest in architecture, planning, and urbanism.



The Life of Winston Churchill

Wartime Prime Minister, soldier, journalist, parliamentarian, husband, author, painter, father – over the course of his long life, Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) assumed many roles. Actively involved in many of the great events of the first half of the 20th century, his achievements and his reputation still cast a long shadow – and a great deal of heated debate.

Everything You Need to Know About Winston Churchill’s Life

In this lecture, Don Brown will examine the life of this complex character: from his aristocratic childhood, to his death in Kensington in 1965 and his funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral. We’ll look at his leadership in World War II, his ‘wilderness years’ of the 1930s, and his role in the government and on the front line in the First World War.

And as well as his life in politics, we’ll discuss his long marriage and his family, his very unhappy childhood and absent parents, and his careers as a soldier and a journalist. For anyone interested in this towering figure of the 20th century, this will be a fascinating 60 minutes!

Learn More About the Life of Winston Churchill

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